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Baseball, Seminary, Wrestling, and the Dreams and Days of one Mike Work's Angeles experience

Friday, November 26, 2004

Thus far the promised posts from earlier in the week haven't materialized, due to technical difficulties and restricted email access. But here's where we are: Concord, CA, at a buddy's house for thanksgiving, and has been quite cool so far. Points:
1- saw two movies yesterday, one being the disc of 'I Am Sam,' scary good, in that it was good, yet scary (those involved did a great job capturing compounded stress on film). Not going to elaborate fully, but it's just what hit me, and i wanted to put this to pen.
Second movie was 'After the Sunset,' in theater. weird movie, all over the place, but i do recommend it to anyone who has to be convinced that salma hayek is gorgeous.
2 - writing this pentateuch paper about babel, and reading the story of the text alongside the story of our church has been quite something. again, more to elaborate when i have the hour.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

My roommate borrowed the Star Wars DVDs from a friend this week, and i put in the original, A New Hope...
and I must say, even granting all knocks against the prequels, and having not yet seen Revenge of the Sith and the climax of the obi-wan/anakin arc that came to the fore in Clones, the backstory has so totally enriched the original.

Case in point: Obi-Wan's Death Scene.
As he turns his eyes from Luke to Vader, and his lips curve upwards into the smile, there's so much there...between those three...
The Jedi/the Padwan/the Son...

First, we saw Episode IV on its own.
Then, we saw it in the context of IV-VI.
Now, we've got I and II.
Soon, the saga is complete, and new viewings can be occasioned.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Weeks since I've posted? In my mind, days, for Sunday's 'Paul on eating meat in Corinth/later Wittgenstein' connection, made last Wednesday, got killed by the blogbot (either that or it fell into the moat of errors and time-outs).

Quick thought today on reading for method: Roland Barthes' analysis of Genesis 33 and Jacob wrestling with the angel, or with God, or some mysterious figure. It's like Jacob's adversary was Mitsuhara Misawa, fighting Kawada in a match with equal stature to 6/3/94, and he pulled out the Tiger Driver '91, and Kawada kicks out! That's what Barthes sees going on in the text: Jacob kicks out. He doesn't reverse to a pin, but the 'death move' out of desperation doesn't get the pin, nor the tap out. He takes this thing all the way to the time limit...daybreak.

Now that's cool.