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Sunday, June 25, 2006

Been a long while...

Much has transpired since our last post, and i've gradually disappeared from the blogosphere. [One might say that the levels of activity in my virtual and offline lives have been inversely correlated. Anyone know who that 'one' is?]

As for the 'online' life, it may soon undergo some revisions. I don't intend to abandon this blog, but expect it to be more random musings and events of my days than content-specific posts, such as those found at Fantasy Wrap-Up. On that note, I'm in the process of creating a wordpress blog dedicated to my writing endeavors, and am looking into domain name licensing, with the hope of creating a central outpost for all things Work.

Among those things: I enjoyed the blogging assignment for Ryan's class this past term. In brief, we read four main works for the class, and blogged our reflections on the texts, one book a week, five posts a week. I found it quite helpful and may well dedicate future collections of posts to similar endeavors, either here or elsewhere.

However, it won't be for class. IRL, I graduated from Fuller two weeks ago, and am done with coursework for the time being. The book-buying moratorium has been lifted, and I'm making (slight) headway on the reading list, which continues to expand...

In other news, my plans for the remainder of the year have been changed since the last update, and in a big way. Last month, I applied for a full-time position at Fuller. This past week, I was offered the position, and will be starting full-time on Monday, working as a course developer for the distance learning office, specifically Fuller Online. The two words that best characterize my state at the moment: excited and grateful.