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Sunday, November 21, 2004

My roommate borrowed the Star Wars DVDs from a friend this week, and i put in the original, A New Hope...
and I must say, even granting all knocks against the prequels, and having not yet seen Revenge of the Sith and the climax of the obi-wan/anakin arc that came to the fore in Clones, the backstory has so totally enriched the original.

Case in point: Obi-Wan's Death Scene.
As he turns his eyes from Luke to Vader, and his lips curve upwards into the smile, there's so much there...between those three...
The Jedi/the Padwan/the Son...

First, we saw Episode IV on its own.
Then, we saw it in the context of IV-VI.
Now, we've got I and II.
Soon, the saga is complete, and new viewings can be occasioned.


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