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Friday, November 26, 2004

Thus far the promised posts from earlier in the week haven't materialized, due to technical difficulties and restricted email access. But here's where we are: Concord, CA, at a buddy's house for thanksgiving, and has been quite cool so far. Points:
1- saw two movies yesterday, one being the disc of 'I Am Sam,' scary good, in that it was good, yet scary (those involved did a great job capturing compounded stress on film). Not going to elaborate fully, but it's just what hit me, and i wanted to put this to pen.
Second movie was 'After the Sunset,' in theater. weird movie, all over the place, but i do recommend it to anyone who has to be convinced that salma hayek is gorgeous.
2 - writing this pentateuch paper about babel, and reading the story of the text alongside the story of our church has been quite something. again, more to elaborate when i have the hour.


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