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Saturday, July 24, 2004

Wednesday, Fuller hosted a conversation between George Ritzer, the person behind The McDonaldization of Society and The Globalization of Nothing and John Drane, author of The McDonaldization of the Church: Consumer Culture and the Church's Future. I was there. I have thoughts.

But my computer is about to crash, so we'll get the preliminary post up and go from there.

Friday, July 23, 2004

Get ahead
Hype yourself
actualize your potential
you may become as gods
soundbite to schpiel
turn dialogue to monologue
nobody will mind
if they do, so what?
you are important
your life is your own
fuck them
be the show
if you don't, someone else will

blessed are the meek
for they will inherit the earth
As i have lost the ability to speak/think a complete sentence, i have spent time dwelling on the meaning of words, and those which I'd wipe out of the common english vernacular, for they no longer have meaning when spoken.  Therefore, a list.
Words that have lost their meaning
ministry (how could i forget this one?)

additions or comments?

Thursday, July 15, 2004

This morning saw the completion of a first reading of Alyssa Quart'sBranded: The Buying and Selling of Teenagers (full review is yet to come; worth a read, especially if you have the Mike-neglected foresight to check Amazon for new/used copies), followed by a news reading, with one NYTimes story catching my attention, in connection to the book.

from the article (emphasis mine):

Abercrombie is also reintroducing a slightly more pristine company magazine. And while the publication is cleaned up - it no longer advocates group sex, for example - Mr. Jeffries (CEO) made it absolutely clear he is still determined to keep Abercrombie on the edge with both fashion and image.

"The people who are intimidated are not our customers," Mr. Jeffries said, wearing the company's summer "uniform," a striped shirt hanging out over baggy khaki shorts and flip-flop sandals. "We want college kids, the ones who aspire to be the coolest. We've been voted the third coolest brand, after Nike, and, I think, Sony."

The New York Times > Business > Abercrombie & Fitch May Be Cool. But Cool Only Goes So Far.

(From my internal dialogue:Yes, Mike, you are the master of the obvious...but there's something there...follow thread)

Sunday, July 11, 2004

and i am considering making some tweaks to the blog format in the near future, especially after skimming a two-track book at the library tonight (on Derrida, of course, with his comment track juxtaposed with the others work). how can deep-level commentary and short-term quippage run together? what of adding features? does this mean 'the return of the personal home page?' stay tuned.

yes i am online
full-time roommate is not
so either tomorrow or in his gone period
we fix
and hook todd up as well