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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Weeks since I've posted? In my mind, days, for Sunday's 'Paul on eating meat in Corinth/later Wittgenstein' connection, made last Wednesday, got killed by the blogbot (either that or it fell into the moat of errors and time-outs).

Quick thought today on reading for method: Roland Barthes' analysis of Genesis 33 and Jacob wrestling with the angel, or with God, or some mysterious figure. It's like Jacob's adversary was Mitsuhara Misawa, fighting Kawada in a match with equal stature to 6/3/94, and he pulled out the Tiger Driver '91, and Kawada kicks out! That's what Barthes sees going on in the text: Jacob kicks out. He doesn't reverse to a pin, but the 'death move' out of desperation doesn't get the pin, nor the tap out. He takes this thing all the way to the time limit...daybreak.

Now that's cool.


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