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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Print Piece Plug: the SEMI

I recently wrote an article for the SEMI, Fuller's student paper, regarding technology and the church, particularly the connection between web 2.0 developments and community formation. You can find it here.

Any feedback and comments are welcome. Thus far, I've received some kind words. One of my professors suggested that I could expand on the dynamics of real-time and virtual relationships as part of my major paper in her class. I'm excited by the prospect, particularly since it ties into long-running narrative threads of my life.

I was honored that Michelle, my editor, thought enough of the piece to put it on the cover, especially given the caliber of my fellow contributors. The bulk of her editing work related to my footnotes, which were cut. Of those, two things may be of interest. First, I recognize the complications surrounding predatory activity on the internet, google stalking, and the extent to which publicly-shared material makes this easier than previously; wisdom and caution are paramount, and my suggestion for parents who want to teach their kids this would be to do so parabolically, over the internet (since i never really 'got' the sit-down talks, and tended to just blow them off). Second, I draw quite a bit of my thoughts around shame, coherence, and the self from Alan Mann's Atonement for a 'Sinless' Society, particularly the first section of the book.

I look forward to next week's issue, focused around community. My friend Jim has written a piece; I'd thought about contributing an article about the tenability and viability of community within the seminary, and it looks like Jim drew out some similar themes in his own way.

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