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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Print Piece Plug: the SEMI

I recently wrote an article for the SEMI, Fuller's student paper, regarding technology and the church, particularly the connection between web 2.0 developments and community formation. You can find it here.

Any feedback and comments are welcome. Thus far, I've received some kind words. One of my professors suggested that I could expand on the dynamics of real-time and virtual relationships as part of my major paper in her class. I'm excited by the prospect, particularly since it ties into long-running narrative threads of my life.

I was honored that Michelle, my editor, thought enough of the piece to put it on the cover, especially given the caliber of my fellow contributors. The bulk of her editing work related to my footnotes, which were cut. Of those, two things may be of interest. First, I recognize the complications surrounding predatory activity on the internet, google stalking, and the extent to which publicly-shared material makes this easier than previously; wisdom and caution are paramount, and my suggestion for parents who want to teach their kids this would be to do so parabolically, over the internet (since i never really 'got' the sit-down talks, and tended to just blow them off). Second, I draw quite a bit of my thoughts around shame, coherence, and the self from Alan Mann's Atonement for a 'Sinless' Society, particularly the first section of the book.

I look forward to next week's issue, focused around community. My friend Jim has written a piece; I'd thought about contributing an article about the tenability and viability of community within the seminary, and it looks like Jim drew out some similar themes in his own way.

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Arrgh moment...

Now, what did i want to write about again?
I'll remember tomorrow...

Monday, May 01, 2006

Tell me I did not just see that...

I don't really like Kobe Bryant at all. The guy's a tremendous athlete, no question, and I'll give him credit for his game, but beyond that...

Now my roommate Oscar, yeah, he's gone over to the dark side. Today's comeback induced shouts of jubilation from him, and a series of 'No!'s from me as he celebrated team Bryant's comeback victory over the Suns. I could only watch the end of regulation before checking out, but popped by later in the pm and only had to check his face to know what happened. Lakers in OT. Great.

Joe C said it best, "From now on, I'm rooting for the Lakers to win, just so the Clips can crush them in the semis."

Lacking faith in Phoenix without Amare (even though i dig Nash's game), I'm down with that.

The Stuff We Drink...

One of my housemates works in television production. As such, there've been weeks and months where it's been rumored that we live together, but very little evidence of it. However, we do reap some benefits from his career, namely well-prepared office lunches; i've had some particularly sumptuous leftovers over the past six months, and can credit the folks in production for their choices in catering, at the very least.

Two weeks back, he brought home two cases of Socko, a new energy drink which contains healthy doses of caffeine, taurine, vitamins B12 and B6, as well as extracts of ginseng, yerba mate, and guarana, as well as something called 'horny goat weed extract,' which qualifies as an innovative ingredient, i guess. Judging from the Flash-y company website, they're certainly committed to snazzy promotion, although i don't quite understand why an energy drink would have a street team. The cans are also twice as big as Red Bull, a sell point for bars and nightclubs, and probably appealing to anyone seeking a caffeine fix.

I wasn't quite sure what to think of this green liquid, but it seems to be popular with at least one roomie, who has left a trail of empty cans in his wake. So when I woke up two hours ahead of my alarm, and nine hours before deadline (will cross-post the piece upon publication next week), I figured it as good as anything to get me into writing mode. Plus, with summer approaching, it might be helpful to move from coffee to energy drinks when seeking out caffeine, on account of the chill factor.

So what's my take? First sip was a bit syrupy, but it went down fairly clean. Effects so far? I'm more lucid than beforehand, yet not jittery and internally unsettled (which tends to be the second-cup effect). All in all, it's not hideous, but not a drink that i'd regularly seek out were it not already here. Barring significant price differentials, I'll likely gravitate to the familiar Bull.