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Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Master Work

Tonight will be the final day of my cross-cultural communications class, and once i complete the assignments this afternoon, i'll have officially completed a Master of Arts in Theology, and will be eligible to walk in June. Two courses still remain on the quarter, and there're still two more quarters of full-time school, a practicum, a directed study, and an integration class before the cross-cultural studies program comes to a close, probably around spring of 2007.

So i'm now considered a master of theology. Great.
My hope: that the good stuff's sunk into my bones.
My fear: standing around and doing dilettante bullshit conversations with people who live without dealing with consequences, or the general fuckedupedness of things, but who really like to talk (and point fingers). I know it well, and i hate it.

Been grappling with my calling over the past few months, especially as it relates to career, marriage, and long-term plans.

My life's description, as i've heard it: Servant

That doesn't seem to be very attractive.

Words spoken in our church's gathering last night were awfully encouraging.


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