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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Conscious Again...

Three days into the trip, and i think i'm over the jet lag at this point, although the throat is still full of garbage. I very well may drink more hot tea in two weeks here than my family usually goes through in a year!

Thus far, i've been largely in-house, with a dentist visit and a morning at the office thrown in. Suitably low-key, and probably desirable at this stage, especially given the condition of my vocal cords.

Rented a van today, and I'll probably head up to the Carolinas tomorrow or Friday to see friends from the Clemson era. Renting in my hometown kind of stinks, but it's the only realistic option, with my car being worked on and (kind of) sold, Holly needing hers for work at the mall, and Brians' vehicle out of commission since a piston impaled the engine block in September.

That said, it's nice being back behind the wheel, especially when the roads are lined with trees. One thing i like about the south: the foliage.

Okay, Mike, sleep...think coherently (and write down those coherent thoughts!) in the morning.


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