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Monday, December 19, 2005


Flying all day today, first to Minneapolis and then to Atlanta, where family will meet me at the gate to kick off two weeks in the deep south, Christmas and New Year's included.

One odd, yet good sensation. I've lived in LA for just over two years, and have flown back in and felt back at home, but have never had the sense that i was leaving home when i left LA. I felt it today, saying goodbyes, wishing friends well and being bid farewell for the short-term, yet knowing that we'd be back together in two or three weeks, and would have much to talk about and do. Seems like home...

Other musings while at the gateside laptop port, waiting for the 6.45 flight.
- Radiohead's Idioteque is still the ultimate headphone song while waiting in line in a noisy airport.
- They say you make thirty mistakes when committing murder, and that you're lucky to remember ten. If the same holds true for ragtag packing jobs, i'm at three oversights so far. Only one that irks me at the moment is leaving my camera at home. I've missed some stellar photo-ops so far...and it's only three hours into the holiday.
- I haven't flown much this year; in fact, this is the second trip, both to Atlanta. Weird. I've always been one for traveling, new sights, people, and places, yet have done very little of it of late. This year's been one of grounding and learning to live on a different biorhythm than that of a confessed adrenaline junkie always seeking his next fix. In the broader matrix of my life, the thread's been one of moving from entitlement to appreciation and gratitude. Dare I say consecration? I believe so.

Godspeed, fellow travelers,
- Work


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