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Wednesday, November 30, 2005


So I haven't posted in a week. Not to say that i haven't been writing; three large posts have been drafted, and currently sit at different levels of 'unfinished.' More recent musings may hit the keys later today, so be prepared for an avalanche of depth-charges.

Chatting with Arkay Sunday eve, he noted that i've been thinking about a lot lately. This is true. Must say, that's also pretty normal for me; i do tend to think about a lot, but rarely bring much to the surface beyond a quick summary or a quip.

Being concise with vital matters has never been my strong suit, but incoherent rambling, i think i have it down!

Non-descript summary or full-length dissertation...that's what i alternate between. Now, in the blogosphere, my posts tend to alternate between two lines and two pages, with little in-between. So i got to thinking. at what length do we start to tune out when reading blogs? when we start having to scroll to read more? two screens in? similar to email? at what point is impact lost?


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