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Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The time is now 10.49 am...

Since our last post, much has transpired in the world of our hero. He has intrepidly faced technological malfunctions, six-year-olds with saliva to spare, and the challenge of biking the streets of Pasadena without a working brake system.

But this morning, our cameras find him doing something quite routine. He's answering phones, and his words have been along the lines of:
'Good morning, Fuller Seminary.'
'Fuller Seminary, please hold.'
'How can i help you?'
'Seriously, i can help you.'
'Can you give me a last name or department?'
'So why would this person have called you?'

The morning's been interrupted with waves at known passers-by, brief conversation and chit-chat, and facial twinges when he sees the news out of Boston; the Florida ball club is trading young ace pitcher Josh Beckett to the Red Sox, rather than the Dodgers. Not optimal.

One laugh-out-loud moment yesterday pm. Jess Conklinn calls around 4, in the home stretch of the afternoon, when switchboard operaters are more likely to take personal calls. At the end of the conversation, Mr Work did not press the 'hang-up' button on the phone.

Oh no.

He tapped the 'release' button on the switchboard. Classic.


  • At 7:28 AM, Anonymous mune said…

    I have been giddy for 24 hours. The Red Sox were approaching next season without a young ace, and the best thing on the market was AJ Burnett, who would be best described as a poor man's Burkett if he wasn't going to be so expensive.

    Instead, they have a great young pitcher (who has crushed the Yankees once) and a 3rd baseman that was once very good. All that cost them was three prospects? Wonderful.

    Screw the Dodgers. Go Sox.


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