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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Wednesday Night

Made it this far, amidst the swirl of minor dramas that's been this week.

Minor dramas, what you say?

Tuition came due on payday, so i was kind of boggled for a bit as to whether i'd actually be able to register for classes, or whether some of the aid i've been given was going to come through (if not, i'd be down another $1300, about a grand more than i'd kept in reserve). It did come through, and i did register. Courses will be:
Global Evangelical Movement - Missions History with Jehu Hanciles (professor from Sierra Leone, doctorate from Edinburgh; from all accounts,he's going to kick my ass.)
Spirituality in Mission with Stephanie Smith (excited; Steph's reading list includes David Bosch, Eugene Peterson, Richard Foster, Desmond Tutu, and CS Lewis, and she's a solid human being)
Exegesis of John's Gospel with Marianne Meye Thompson (i'm quite stoked about this being my final theology course, due to the material, professor, and classmates)

Overeating last night didn't help my state of mind. I don't think it played a role in the minor bike/car collision i was involved in, but you never know.
Yeah, the brakes are down, as is the CD burner on my computer. The verdict after a reformat; it was the hardware after all.

On the plus side, the first half of today's evening class was pretty meaty. We discussed Eric Law's book 'The Wolf Shall Dwell with the Lamb,' and the idea of giving away power, alongside the reflections on 'Uprooting Racism,' a book which four white guys in the class read together over the past month. I like much of what Law suggests, but the question that arises for me is this: at what point does giving away power cease to be empowering, and when are we abdicating our responsibility to be good stewards?


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