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Monday, November 14, 2005

Hard to get up...

Hard to get up this morning.

Got a bunch of work to do for both classes today, but just completely unenergized.

Burnout? At least on one front. I'm autopiloting through the assigments in my head, just need to put it to paper.

Last week was overwhelmingly encouraging and invigorating, and once i get back into life, i'll be fine, just really down right now.

Why? Got some bad news this weekend, and i'm in a situation that i don't quite know how to handle, besides all the usual angst of life. all of that dovetailed last night when i went online and saw that Eddie Guerrero died yesterday.

Eddie was a second-generation wrestler, and one of my favorites to watch, incredibly talented in the ring, and a master of pulling in a crowd. He'd been through a lot in life, hit rock bottom with drug and alcohol addictions, losing his family and nearly his life, before what i can only call redemption. the wwe put out a great dvd on him last year, entitled 'cheating death, stealing life: the eddie guerrero story,' which tells it better than i could.

Eddie'd been clean for four years, reconciled with his wife, and won the world championship last year. On screen, he was a fixture in the main events, a huge fan favorite and a tremendous entertainer who was going to get another world title shot this week. At 38, he really seemed to be enjoying his job and life.

And then he was found dead in his hotel room Sunday morning, apparently died while brushing his teeth. No autopsy yet, and speculation is that he died from heart failure.

I don't get it.
This doesn't make sense.

I'm hoping for the best, yet when the best is 'just a freak medical thing' or 'repercussions from things done years ago,' and a guy is dead in the prime of his life, leaving behind family, friends, and millions who knew and loved him from afar, it's not really comforting. Just really numb right now, not really sure what to say.

Initial plans for tonight's raw and friday's smackdown have been scrapped, and both shows will be tributes to Eddie, in the vein of the Owen Hart memorial in 1999. If you can watch wrestling this week, do so.


  • At 8:41 PM, Anonymous Tyler Watson said…

    Sorry for the loss to the wrestling world. It's sad to lose someone, even if you only knew them as an entertainer.

    By the way, congrats to Clemson. I'd love to see a post on that game from you.


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