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Friday, October 28, 2005


Answering phones has been a bit more frustrating than usual this afternoon, largely because my tongue keeps getting in the way when i try to speak. As such, the words either die before they reach my lips, or they just slur into one large dither, to which the only plausible response is that series of words that always peeves me.

'what did you say?'

And my temper keeps flaring up, with the internal 'what, you didn't get that?.'
'Well, no, Mike, there wasn't any 'that' to get...'

Not sure if it can be heard in my voice (slow, loud, clear, deliberate ... and condescending?), but it's got to impact the facials. Good thing we don't have videophones!

All that said, i could really use some tongue coordination right about now...


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