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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Get Rich or ...?

With no class this evening, I started thinking about a chill, low-intensity way to enjoy the night off after a day of writing. So as the fingers raced across the keyboard, i asked the questions, 'what movie would i prefer to see this evening, Curtis Jackson's screen debut or the newest tale from Hogwarts?' 'and when do i start calling people and extending invites to last-minute spontanaeity?'

Then the phone rang.
My supervisor was calling me in to work this evening.
There went the night off.
With three night classes this fall, I don't get many of those. When i do, there's the chance of something like this coming up, killing any half-made plans.

But i did get rich, to the tune of $32.66.
With a short week and a surplus of hours, overtime pay might kick in...
and i'm looking forward to another raise come january...$8.33, perhaps?

Spent the evening reading The Radical Reformission and beginning Teaching Cross-Culturally (pleasure reading, not directly required for class: a reward for finishing a paper/making it this far), talking with mom, and hanging around the library doors, watching and waiting.

Work-study at its finest.


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