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Thursday, February 12, 2004

After finishing my Gadamer paper for systematics (which I had to cut at 15, but could have easily run to 50 with full coverage, more in-depth critiques, plus implications for pastoral counseling, evangelism, and such), I've had this state of peace about this week, which was presumed to be a killer. Tomorrow's Gospels exam has been an area of confidence, and the Luther paper for Medieval/Reformation theology has been a source of little anxiety (outside of a laptop crash 40% of the way in which led to several hours of pouting). As such, it's 2:15, and I'm still nonchalantly working on it. After a non-A on the Anselm/Aquinas, and the constant reminders that 'WMAs can't get into top PhD programs without a four-point, I might expect more stress, but it's not here. Grace once again...


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