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Tuesday, September 23, 2003


orientation began today, and in short, it was humbling/transforming, as I realized that I am going to get my ass kicked here.

my recent thoughts about Seminary have been that the exegesis, history, systematics won't be tough. hey, I'm Mike Work; i eat this stuff up.

and then it just really pierced me today, realizing that this is more than academics, and that everything in me will be challenged; it's not just mental gymnastics. if that were the case, as it might have been elsewhere, a masters would be a breeze.

romans 12.1-13 was the text preached at convocation this morning, and from that, the faculty discussion of the school's purpose, and the overall atmosphere on campus today, i realized how different this will be. i could go elsewhere and master the texts in true subject/object fashion, and at many state schools, the faculty would be fine with that. here at fuller, the faculty doesn't just want you to cognatively understand the material, but to be transformed by Christ.

you can't take the personal component out of ministry, and turn God into merely a concept. God is bigger than that, and refuses to be cornered by me.

jumbling now, will refine later.
- M


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