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Wednesday, November 12, 2003

nothing like working on a major post, accidentally tabbing back, and losing it...
thought train to begin tomorrow:
current state with classes, historical theology as a path
yet uncertain about long-term placing; university, but where and in what area?

had considered philosophy, spec. epistemology, but am more interested in the social function of truth, including its definition, than 'pure philosophical enquiry'
universities with communication theory programs or media studies to focus on rhetoric, whether in sermons, texts, or general media
public truth decided through speech, specifically, much is counted true due to rhetorical devices: study these in general and specific
Foucault would be a must-study, while Murphy's work would also be important, as would speech-act communication
and the theology resources will avail themselves
Stanford comm, Berkeley rhetoric, UC Social Thought would all be excellent

Other thoughts
I am still searching for a church in pasadena, and am defining criteria in these categories:

All three are important, when options exist, and do play a factor. How much is what is to be considered, with varying levels of flexibility in teoria, poesia, and praxis (ie - Theology must include Jesus, to give a test case)


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