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Wednesday, November 19, 2003

As the first quarter of seminary nears an end, and I anticipate the return home this coming weekend, I've been reflecting on what has happened so far. And pondering the almost-certain-to-be-asked at some point question, 'so what deep spiritual truths have you learned at seminary?' I can pinpoint two things.

Sin and grace.

we sin, and God is gracious. We hate and God loves. we kill and God raises to life. I run and God seeks me.

Much has led to this, and will continue to lead back here, including lyrics that hit me like the proverbial brick.
Specifically, hearing friends in Books Died On play this weekend, when Richard catches my attention with a haunting twist, "My God, My God, why haven't you forsaken me?"

A jarring reminder of grace, and a God who I can not begin to control.


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