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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Christmas Eve(nts)

Christmas eve, and as always, i'm putting off wrapping (and making) gifts until a little while later. Not sure about the proper protocol of posting gift ideas and such, but i'd imagine that open postings merit a general 'DON'T DO THAT!'

So we blog about other matters...more along the lines of events in my life than connected thoughts (that make more sense when they're placed alongside the flesh-and-blood).

The Clemson trip Friday was great. Made the drive up I-85, and arrived around 12:30, where I met Evan outside his and Missy's apartment in Central. Welcomes abounded, and the two of us headed into Clemson for lunch, coffee, and conversation, before returning home, where his wife and a kettle-full of tea awaited, and good time together abounded. Our friend Corey popped by mid-afternoon, and we spent the next few hours chatting, surfing leaf hills, moving from apartment to apartment and thrift-store to chain-store (in the process of putting together a gift for Corey's wife Juli), eating and drinking, and generally enjoying one another's company and friendship.

It was one of those days with no well-thought out schedules and best-laid plans, but loads of fun. I love these people, and thoroughly enjoyed our time together, both the deep conversations about the challenges of life, living in community, and church leadership (especially in the transient atmosphere of a college town) and the casual joking around that is bound to take place when we're in the same room. It seems that many of my relationships are either entirely serious or entirely casual, so the friendships where there's space for both are all the more precious.

As for Saturday, spent it sleeping in, shopping, and chilling in-house. Dad was going to come over for dinner, but he fell asleep, so mom, brian, and i chowed down on ginger chicken and fried rice, with mom's banana pudding awaiting afterwards. While her cooking may not get the publicity that the "Best Burgers Ever" get on the Monk's Corner Cafe menu (they now have cold beer), it's still pretty stellah, and, if i may say so, renowned.

The time at home's been good, but the dynamics have been different than expected. Most notably, Holly's working mad hours, and is staying across town, so i've barely seen her, after expecting that she'd be a regular this week.

But we will see her in the morning...along with the rest of the fam. They may be expecting their gifts to be wrapped, so it's probably best to initiate activity on that front...


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