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Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Lowlight Job Tasks

With every major steady job I've had in my life, there's been one thing which I just couldn't stand.

Working at the Trade Center, which was more or less the de facto job for eleven years: mopping through urine-soaked bathrooms laced with vomit and sawdust at 2 am after concerts. self-explanatory enough.

Clemson Equipment Room: striping helmets. it was just tedious, and i saw my attention to detail dovetail into perfectionism on a regular basis. and when a redshirt scuffed up his helmet under the bench...oh, the loathing. plus the fact that we were to do this on our own time, outside of work hours.

Fuller Security and Parking: writing tickets. i just don't like doing it, especially since i got 'those tickets' several times in college, most irritatingly when i stopped by my dorm to change shirts and take out my contacts on the way to watch the ncaa basketball finals. walk outside, and there's a nice lovely ticket on the windshield. that'll be $15.

so last night was one of the few times when i was actually glad to give a ticket or two. a student was parked in a faculty spot, grounds for a citation. when he drove out, i was still patrolling outside, and we talked for a few; this was the only lot he knew, and all student spaces were full that evening. hence the illegal parking job. afterwards, i had no problem issuing tickets to those in student parking without a sticker, since they'd taken a space that this fellow could have used, theoretically speaking. that domino rally thing, you know?


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    Mike, I really enjoy your blog. Just thought I would let you know I am reading.


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