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Monday, October 17, 2005

Been two weeks, and much has gone on.

School's quite busy this quarter; taking/auditing five classes, which keeps me reading constantly (yesterday's book: Good News About Injustice, by Gary Haugen, director of IJM, quite helpful). Lots of good stuff, and i especially look forward to Wednesday nights and Friday mornings. Wednesday's an anthropology/cultural change class with Sherwood Lingenfelter, and Friday morning is dedicated to mission to children at risk, taught by Doug McConnell and Dave Scott. All are stellar people, as well as great teachers, and the courses have been great, with immediate as well as long-term value.

Work's been busy, with security, answering phones, tutoring, and now refereeing flag football games providing income streams. Another job practically fell into my hands, completely unexpected, yet i found out today that it fell through, won't happen for the time being. A bit of a bummer, but not devastating.

Tutoring's been loads of fun, and i'm starting to see some of why teaching excited me in the first place: the students.

Life at the Raymond House's been a load of fun, many good laughs and great conversations with my friend Oscar, among other 'mates, over the past few weeks.

Here's an oddity: my body clock seems to have recalibrated with the start of a new quarter. 6.45 every morning, like clockwork. Those of you who've known me long-term know that this is no small feat.

No major crises visible on this coast, although the big 'after school, then what' question is resurfacing. One year later, I'm at peace with the decision not to pursue doctoral studies in the immediate future, yet still unsure whether I'll remain in LA, return to Atlanta, or cross an ocean. Next year's practicum may clear some of this up; the school allows for independently designed practicums, and a vision is beginning to germinate. Could be exciting, yet incredibly daunting.

And I'm still taking off my shoes, realizing that i'm on holy ground.
God is profoundly awe-inspiring, and continues to re-make me for this new world.


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