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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

New Orleans Evacuated: Please Pray

  • for the safe evacuation of the city, and peace on the roads.

  • for comfort and consolation for all those who have lost loved ones, family and friends.

  • for peace of mind for all those who have yet to hear from or of family and friends in the city; may the best be true.

  • for all those who have lost homes and property, especially those who have lost what little they have.

  • for safe passage and hospitality towards all displaced by this calamity; may they have places to go and people to take them in, offer friendship, and demonstrate love.

  • for safety, synergy of purpose, and sharpened minds, hearts, and skills among all relief workers and engineers picking up the pieces.

  • for the well-being of 20,000 people taking refuge in the SuperDome, and their safe rescue.

  • for wisdom for pres. George Bush, gov. Kathleen Blanco, and all other government officials involved in responding to the hurricane.

  • for the church, specifically those in the gulf coast; wisdom, grace, mercy, and discernment as to how best to serve those who've felt the brunt of the waters, as well as the humility to serve in whatever capacity we're called to.

  • for preservation of life, and the well-being of all affected by this.

some of katrina's effects

interactive map>

by and large, i don't know what to say to god about this, other than 'bring your peace' and 'lord, have mercy.'
fasting and seeking god tomorrow seems apropos.
all who wish to join in, let's do this together.

lord, hear our prayer.


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