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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Violent Pornography...and Mike Work

While watching the BBC news tonight, I was made aware of a proposed ban on violent pornography in the UK, in response to the murder of a special-needs teacher at the hands of a chap who was deeply into this stuff.

Since the statute of limitations on revealing crushes is five years, i figured that now's the time to share this story. During my senior year in high school, I re-developed a crush on Kim, who had dated one of my closest friends for some time the year prior, but was not with him at the time. Final semester began, and we had spanish and senior comp together (related memories flood back; more stories later), along with some other friends and acquaintances, one of whom, IIRC, gathered a group of ten to go to the movies one saturday night.

I believe the film people wanted to see was 'She's All That,' a teen movie which those adept at genre-bending might term a chick flick. Those who have seen my movie collection will tell you that neither of those categories predominates my library. Still, was Kim going to be there? Yes? Okay, I'm in.

So I get off work that night and drive down to the mall/theater area, and we gather/mingle for a while before heading to the box office to pick up tickets.

'We'd like tickets for 'She's All That,' please.'

And the movie's sold out. What else is playing? Someone noted the new Nic Cage flick, entitled 8mm. Okay, let's do that.

So we get enside, sit through the previews, and watch one of the most disturbing films i'd seen to that point in life. The synopsis: Cage stars as a private eye enlisted by a widow to investigate a film found in her late husband's wall safe, a film which showed a girl being murdered. The investigation of this snuff film takes him into the ever-seedy world of underground pornography, and the journey is profoundly shaking. An early draft of the script can be found here, and it's fairly close to what made the screen, although i recall some changes towards the end.

After we left the theater, conversation at Taco Bell was kind of awkward and mindless afterwards, for all parties present. After a movie about violent pornography, what do you say? I wound up giving a teammate a ride back to his car, listening to vitalogy, getting lost off sugarloaf parkway, and getting back in around 2.30, at which point mom had ceased waiting up, and had left me a note about getting up for work in the morning.

Nothing ever came of Kim and I. We both wound up at Clemson, chatted when we occasionally saw each other, but in the end, our circles diverged as we wound up in different time-consuming orbits, she in greek life, i in the football program. After college, I moved to LA, and I believe she headed back to Atlanta, but i'm not quite sure.

So that's six degrees of Mike Work. Anyone else got a story spawned by today's news?


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