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Monday, August 29, 2005

Yesterday's paper: What I've learned from the Writings
Today's Blog: What I've learned from writing about the Writings

1. Writer's block really, really, really sucks.
2. When stressed out over deadlines, chat with classmates who aren't as stressed. You might discover that the paper is actually due three days later.
3. Don't change your topic 'week of,' especially if your new proposal only constitutes half of the paper option.
4. When you've spent the bulk of the paper writing about your life, in stream of consciousness conversational format (which is really fun, and valid), don't throw in bullshit about boundary experiences in your conclusions to make it seem more scholarly. write a conclusion to the paper you've written.
5. when throwing out said conclusion and reprinting, make sure to delete the footnote where you apologize for such a haphazard conclusion.
6. It's okay to have fewer footnotes than pages.
(whether this is a lesson or a mistake, i'll find out in a few weeks)
7. okay, you missed the due time of 5:00. don't scheme about ways to sneak it through, either into the office or over the email. and getting called into work isn't an excuse that'd hold up, if you work on campus, and have wireless available, and have the paper on a flash drive.
8. okay, ecclesiastes ends with 'fear god and keep his commandments.' i'm pretty sure there's something in there about lying and deceiving.
so does that make me the fool?
9. generally, professors who've written old testament theology textbooks have taught long enough that they've seen everything, and have planned/prepared their syllabus accordingly.
couldn't stop by campus? there's email.
computer access lacking? postal mail is also accepted, provided it's postmarked by the due date.
10. pasadena's main post office is open until 7, leaving enough time to rewrite conclusions, print, and put the paper in the mail, even if one doesn't realize this until 6.
11. it's okay to ask for help when you need it. in fact, it's often not nearly as big a deal for the giver as for the asker.
12. writing can be therapeutic...even when it's for a class.


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