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Sunday, March 28, 2004

Exam week and 30 pages of writing (that I didn't realize were 30 until that week) later...oh yeah, plus moving, last week was vacation, and me, Jamie, Brian, Eric, and Paige piled into the TDI for the Monday drive down to Ensenada, where Jorge, Maria, and Michelle joined us on Thursday. On my end, trip was great, much needed rest, and good time spent with all.

But I'm back in Pasadena now, and spring quarter means Post-Reformation Theology, Christology/Soteriology, and the Third Quest for the Historical Jesus, which, combined with finishing Foundations and psych testings, as well as various life facets, means that Mike'll take a beating this quarter, but will enjoy it somehow.
Anyways, without a landline in the new place, net access will come from Pasadena Public Library Wireless, which probably means I'll be more productive, as well as a more frequent poster, as I so totally dig hi-speed.

But that's a base update, with more coming as feasible.


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