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Friday, January 20, 2006

US Obtains Internet Users' Search Records

This item from today's times caught my eye. Will read the story later this evening, when i have time and space to do so, but the topic merits publicity.

My connection: i recently installed google's desktop search tool on my computer, having found it helpful where the 'Find' feature in Windows is lacking (searching inside documents and bringing up cached web documents alongside local files). It's pretty powerful, and quite handy. However, given the recent revelations about the wiretapping activities of the US government and like privacy concerns, i'm measured with my praise of search and indexing tools, as they have tremendous potential for good and evil, depending on the intentions of the typist and searcher.

Haven't given the topic much sustained thought, but this bit, and a recent book entitled 'The Search' by John Battelle, one of the original editors of Wired, have captured my interest and may spur further consideration.

(on a sidenote, all hyperlinks in this post were found through google...)


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