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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

*#@&ing Plumbing ...

To follow up on the last post, my email is back up and running, courtesy of gmail, who now provides service to onemikework.

Actually, that's been true for about a week now. I've had access and been online, just not writing. No reason, really. Began to draft a post on a baseball trade, and have had several thoughts percolating, but nothing's hit paper. Grad school has seen my mind outpace both my mouth and my body, and i'm looking forward to being out come june, hoping that things will equalize a little bit.

As for the post title, plumbing malfunctions continue to frustrate. The house is about 100 years old, and i'm beginning to suspect that the pipes are just as aged, especially when one is evaporating due to corrosion. Just happens to be directly underneath the kitchen sink, nothing major at all.

A repairman is due tomorrow; let's hope he doesn't look at the dilemma and laugh (as did another plumber upon sighting our water filter)!


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