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Thursday, August 04, 2005

New venture of the week: learning to play the piano

This year, more than any other in memory, I've tracked my life by song. I've had a few spells where i've wanted to pick up an instrument, be it the bass, violin, or piano, and both write and play music. Problem is, I know nothing about those instruments, and buying one and paying for lessons would be awful pricey, especially when I consider past lack of success in this department. So nothing's come of it until this week, when the southern california heat motivated a search for climate-controlled study environs which don't rely heavily on flourescent light.

My friend Khalid has taken to studying in Fuller's 'intimate public lecture/town hall' setting on campus, and the room contains a piano, which i've heard several people play while working the switchboard. So now I've got a setting to begin learning, and will begin with some lessons i've tracked down online, orienting myself to the instrument and getting the basic chords down.

So if anyone's in central campus and hears something which sounds like a beginning pianist over the next few months, that'd likely be one Mike Work.


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