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Friday, January 14, 2005

So with the recent revelation concerning my laziness comes the realization that said quality affects multiple facets of my life, within which are multiple aspects of my blog. Among those: the sidebar, both books and music.

What was there this morning shouldn't be there much longer, either because i finished the book or didn't get to the point of opening it. In the interim, what have i read?

Servant Leaders, Servant Structures - Elizabeth O'Connor
Choke - Chuck Pahlaniuk
Beyond Charity - John Perkins
Majority of the essays in Camino a Emaus

Finally, during the transcription project, I read a bunch of old course notes from Clemson. After minoring in speech and communication studies, i either forgot, disregarded, or defied much of what i was taught, and recently realized i had little to show for it. So while in Atlanta for Saturnalia, I transcribed my notes from intro to communication studies, public speaking, mediation/negotiation, mass communication, intro to theater, and post-civil war american lit.

Still to come: Spanish and Education Majors, Judaism, Christian Tradition, Old Testament, Contemporary Literature, Special Topics in US History: JFK and Watergate, Philosophy of Religion, Intro to Sociology, and if I'm really brave, the class where i expect my notes to be the worst: Marriage and Intimacy. A word to the wise: if you have a choice between a class which interests you (History of Constitutional Law) or one which is merely a curiosity (Marriage and Intimacy), both in the same time slot, both meeting the humanities requirement for your major (which you'll wind up officially changing six months after internally doing so), take the one you truly care about. I say this because five years later, I'm reaping the fruits of my laziness, wishing for do-overs.

In writing this, I do remember why i took the soc instead of the history: at the time, i was still thinking law school and criminal justice, in which case the soc minor would have been valuable. That may have been the guiding principle behind the decision, a flawed one because the other class would have been of much greater value for aspiring attorneys.


  • At 10:11 PM, Blogger Tyler said…

    Man, I really liked both Servant Leaders, Servant Structures and Choke. Choke was really intense, but it I liked the whole theory that people are compulsive and we have to choose what we do with that compulsivity - build or destroy.


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