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Friday, September 17, 2004

Touched Down

So, shocking all, even and especially myself, I blog on the first day of the trip. En breve, I really hate Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, but after today's brief layover, I think I like Amsterdam's airport as much as I hate Atlanta's. Didn't sleep on first flight but five minutes, watched Jersey Girl and Shrek 2 en route. Liked the first more than I thought I would, and, even if I don't watch it again, I'd go back to it again in the future (referentially speaking). Shrek 2 basically went rapid-fire with two kinds of jokes: the pop culture ones which seemed forced and will seem dated, and the fairy tale character ones, which I really liked, & felt fit the film. Also, the musical and karaoke scenes whomped.

Got an hour of sleep in Amsterdam to Glasgow flight, and spent a bit of time at the airport before taking the bus into the city (with all my luggage, no hangups on the backpack). Walked around and started getting bearings as I took it in, then took the subway up to the West End, where I'm staying tonight in a hostel. Checked in, changed shirts and socks, and dropped weight before heading out again, picking up forgotten supplies, walking a bit, and getting a late lunch in a cafe in the Merchant District (southeast Glasgow). Good meal, good people, but I must say I've had plenty of issues attempting to understand the dialect in the eight hours I've been in Scotland. Walked down to the People's Palace, a sort of populist historical museum which is pretty cool, very un-pretentious. Currently, I sit in a library/learning center writing this and debating whether or not to go for an early evening nap.

...that's it, I'm going for it. No deep thoughts, but thus far, things have been cool, from the big, 'whoa, i'm in Glasgow,' to the small, 'I'm seeing the plus of an efficient subway system firsthand, as well as remembering what wind feels like.' Peace out.
- Mike


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