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Thursday, September 16, 2004

flying over the atlantic in sixteen hours, provided the flight isn't cancelled/delayed due to the storms that have been ravaging the east coast over the past two weeks. do i know what i'm getting into? not quite. a professor and a friend met me over lunch last week and asked about the degree of planning for this trip, and my response was, 'about my usual,' signifying a lot of gaps and open holes, one of which became apparent at dinner tonight. dad asked if i was going backpack only...and i was. forgot that airplanes sometimes do lose bags, so now a small bag with change of clothes becomes the carry-on, for bad-case-scenarios.

in the interim..i write the paper, but only after email and blogging. these past two weeks have been good, but i miss pasadena, moreso the people in my life than any firm connection to the area (flat up, i hate the lack of rain and constant heat). atlanta looks better than it did last year, and i'm more in favor of being here than clemson in the future, a direct reversal of the position of two years ago.

interesting how our percolations mirror-image or reflect those of friends in different light...i'd say more, if i didn't have to write the other.

but if this is all before i go...the trip has been good so far, and i look forward to writing from scotland.


  • At 12:39 AM, Blogger work said…

    and for those interested, the reading log needs to be updated. i've been in StormFront for a while, and that's the accompanying volume on the trip. musically, still spinning Pedro.

  • At 9:03 AM, Blogger jeof said…

    hey mr. cryptic blog poster, have a great time in scotland (!)


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