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Friday, August 20, 2004

Grant Proposal for anyone who wants it:
Given the current brewha over same-sex marriage, I would think that someone involved would like well-reasoned arguments and analysis. One of the common charges against same-sex marriage is that it is a threat to society, undermining the traditional institution of marriage, yet the nature of this threat never seems to be pinpointed; for instance, those who point to unabashed promiscuity seem to have difficulty with counterarguments highlighting committed couples basically living life together. Is there concrescence behind the argument against SSM, or does it evaporate in light?

Good question. So, Mike, how do you propose to answer that? Hear me out as I explain. Although the San Francisco marriages were invalidated last week, I would think that the records could be found and studied. Who were these people getting married in San Francisco? Where did they come from? What were their histories with one another, their engagements and interactions with each other and the wider society? How long had they been together before finding out that the mayor of San Francisco was willing to grant them a marriage license? What was the proportion of committed couples to publicity stuntpersons?

I'd imagine that much value could come out of such a study, and that it would be worth pursuing; however, it seems like it'd be a consuming effort, which I am not prepared to make at this time. As such, the thought is now public domain; feel free to plagiarize it.


  • At 2:45 PM, Blogger work said…

    A perusal of Moon's blog reveals insightful thoughts on the San Francisco matter, posted on 8/12. Tying the courts ruling to the rule of law is correct, and focuses attention on the question of 'why did people go to SF to get married?' As a public display of their commitment to one another, and/or as a political statement? Waffling with the percentages within each couple, and the mixed motives, and how that might be studied/represented/understood.


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