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Friday, August 20, 2004

This week...I've been busy.

I began a two-week intensive on Contemporary Culture through a Missional Perspective this week, and while the reading list is studly, I haven't been able to get as into it as fully as I'd like to because I picked up extra hours at security this week, while upping the Spanish lesson schedule to twice a week. And German's still going, swimmingly I do say. The upshot of all this is that I haven't written much, even though last week saw some pretty huge calls made, specifically in the area of future direction. Plans are still taking shape, in the realms of the upcoming nine months, the following year, and further down the road, but things are good.

Currently receiving attention is the next nine months, and setting up a viable course schedule; I met with Steve on Tuesday, but three days later, am looking to make changes again, so as to have a schedule which leaves flexibility for three potential jobs, one which would be four morning hours daily, another which would be one or two afternoons a week, and another which is nocturnal in nature. Other considerations which are quite important are life with my church community and roommates, and social life in general. So some gymnastics are necessary, but for the most part, things appear feasible. Concerns are that more courses than planned would be left for the future, 3 to IDL/take during summers, and that the proposed Winter schedule will run me dry. But that's the scenario, give or take eight hours of thought.


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