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Friday, February 10, 2006

The Mountain

Watched Brokeback today, and it shattered a long-standing prejudice against Heath Ledger movies. Not that i'm going to seek out a copy of the Order, but it's not hard to comprehend why he got a best actor nom for his performance. Really good: he took in the part and made the role his own.

As for the film, stellar acting, direction, and writing combined to create a powerful representation of a relationship between two persons, and the best words i can use to describe it are authentic, and true-to-life, capturing the complexities and tensions that are Jack and Ennis' lives. I'm usually not one for westerns or love stories, but this one's good. While I've been impacted by Crash after both theater and home video viewings, right now, Brokeback Mountain is my best picture of the year.


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