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Tuesday, January 31, 2006

State of the Union: Word Choice

Two roomies and I just got back from a friends place, where we watched and discussed GWB's State of the Union address.

In the course of an hour, even with twenty minutes consisting of applause, George said a lot, and much was (and could still be) said afterwards. Certain empjhases, themes, and phrases stuck in our heads, and that got me thinking about how carefully these addresses are crafted, as did MB's remark about how it'd have been a good idea to pull up the text from last year's address and compare.

Well, we haven't done as much, but the New York Times has prepared a chart with selected key words that have popped up throughout his six addresses, which gives a glimpse into the shifting of priorities and constant themes of the administration. What immediately sticks out at me is the dropping of 'social security' and 'retirement' from George's discourse after last year's non-endorsement, but there's more to plumb from the speech. Thoughts?


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