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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Just got back from seeing the new Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on the IMAX with Brian, Jo, Cara, and Busbee. Last night, Wonka with Wilder was projected on our garage, and i caught the final forty minutes after work, so the double-dip has been great.

Quick thoughts:
I marked out hard when I heard the original songs from the book; big ups on that front. Likewise, seeing the kids and parents as they leave the factory was a great re-insertion, and Veruca Salt's encounter with the squirrels was valid.

Johnny're a stud.
Charlie Buckitt...gotta love that kid, and the choices he makes, especially in contrast to the other four kids.
The Salt/Beauregard dynamics were great fun, and when I saw the Beauregard family home in Atlanta, my thoughts were 'spot on. That's a suburban Atlanta subdivision,' having seen plenty in my time there. Then Bri mentioned that it was filmed in a family friend's neighborhood, making much sense.

Overall, very enjoyable flick, and a faithful adaptation of Roald Dahl's tale. I especially liked the spin put on Mike TeeVee in this movie, a timely update of the character, and appreciated the above restorations of scenes from the book, read when I was a wee lad.


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