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Friday, July 22, 2005

Other events of the day:

Spending an hour on the phone with tech support, learning about the dynamics of transferring email accounts, not what i'd thought they'd be. here's the deal. i moved into a new place in march, but my roommates remained, with the account in todd's name. todd moved to riverside this week, and with our yearlong dsl contract up, he had no need for it, so the plan was to cancel. thought i could transfer my email to the new number without a problem, at least judging from the last tech support conversation.

not so much so. turns out that the email address belongs to the person in whose name the account was registered, and that nothing can be done when i talk to tech support. so i wait until the thirty day period after cancellation ends, and my email is purged from the system before i can re-register for it, this time under the new phone line. so, if you desperately need to get ahold of me, your safest bet for the next month or two is to try me at: michaelwork at hotmail dot com.


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