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Monday, May 02, 2005

Since my last post, my former laptop, prone to failing, has been replaced by a new system, which I like. From this computer, I now post for the first time, an hour before class.

My sister Holly was in town last week. Actually, she was in Anaheim for a DECA competition (and if Arte Moreno insists that Anaheim is Los Angeles, I won't argue semantics with him, nevermind the geographical peculiarity). We were able to pull off two hang-times within the week, which was quite cool. Wednesday saw me meet Holly and her friends at Universal Studios and spend about six hours together at the park before heading back to Pas on the Metro. As I transferred Red to Gold, I wound up on the same car as the illustrious Ted Beam, on his way back from USC, where he works. We chatted for the duration of the trip, until he bid adieu at Mission Station in South Pas, leaving me to ride back to Memorial Park while thinking, 'Now that was cool.' Seeing friends in unexpected places can be quite cool.

My second get-together with Holly did not feature a like event on the return trip, for public transportation I took not. Rather, I drove Pack's car to LAX and saw my sis off at the airport. When will I see her again? I know not. Making it back to Lilburn for her mid-week HS graduation looks dicey at this point, and I haven't got any other east coast trips in the pipeline. It may be that mom and Holly come visit me this summer, before she heads off to Georgia Tech, an institute which is simultaneously one of the most respected polytechnical schools in the United States and the cause of one of the tensest Saturdays of the year for Clemson football fans. While the Gamecocks are the traditional rival, Tech is usually the better game, and the proximity of Atlanta makes for a built-in rivalry with the Jackets. Holly and I attended the game together last fall, and we were both rooting Clemson at the time...
I may have to remind her of that come September...

In other news, I'm working on a paper for Systematic Theology tonight and tomorrow morning, and I must say, good theology is just beautiful.

And fun to read.

Now how to convey some of that in writing...that's the task for now.


  • At 8:25 PM, Anonymous scott said…

    THEY OWE US THIS YEAR! or rather, i hope we can put them away this year with or without two long TD runs in the 4th quarter.

    i like how you throw around 'pas', you are all cali now. haha.


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