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Thursday, March 24, 2005

Two weeks of break from school do not equate to a break from life. This I am learning, as my days are occupied with spackling, packing, moving boxes and furniture, and looking at paint chips as my bedroom takes shape. My nights have been spent locking doors and scanning barcodes, while answering calls from students and faculty alike, in somewhat of an extension of my hours transferring calls to these people from the Fuller switchboard.

Fun has been had, in the form of hanging with housemates, experiencing the beauty bar, drafting for fantasy baseball, and being family with my church, while i've also been able to rest and walk around at work without upcoming papers and books hanging over my head. Pleasure reading recently completed involved my first dose of brian mclaren, in the form of 'a new kind of christian,' which was really refreshing. have been asking the question "how is it possible to follow the jesus of the bible in the company of the church without being a quote-unquote 'evangelical christian' with all the attached baggage." mclaren's book was reassuring on that front, more in the 'it is possible' sense than anything else. many memories came up in the read, and i now understand much better than three years ago, in an era when verbals seemed to dwarf all other aspects of life now. kind of hard to believe how much of a shift has taken place...

oh yeah, and i just got a ticket for wrestlemania, ten days from now. too sweet.


  • At 10:29 AM, Anonymous scott said…

    haha, good to find your blog buddy. i read an article about how you should google yourself every so often to make sure dangerous info isn't on the net. and lo and behold i find my name on your 12/5/04 entry about chris simms nonetheless! :) i'll add your blog as a link on mine. also on mine is a link to scott pearson's. keep in touch man!


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