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Thursday, May 26, 2005

In the midst of systematics three right now, with a presentation on millenial views. And I'm wandering...between pointlessness and meaningful discussions, and the context thereof.

Right now, I can't get at all into the pre-mill, post-mill, a-mill, who cares! And this is popular stuff...great.

First hour, the intermediate state, purgatory, and a continuation of Tuesday's discussion of death and resurrection. Death is an inescapable reality in our world, and something that I will face, in places close to me, over the next few decades, as a friend, relative, and servant. These are conversations worth having, topics worth thinking about, 'what does the Bible say about death? what do we make of Jesus' resurrection and its relation to this horror of life? Is there meaning on the other side, or is loneliness and alienation it?'

That's what I want to care about.

For more, see the upcoming issue of the SEMI, Fuller's student newsletter. Week ten will include a piece on aging by Ruth Vuong, dean of students, which I greatly appreciated.


  • At 5:55 PM, Blogger Scott J. Pearson said…

    Amil all the way, baby. Yeah, I don't like all the premil mental gymnastics, so amil is a good way of pleading ignorance. Plus, when you have St. Augustine on your side, how can you go wrong (except when it comes to screwing around!)?

    More seriously, in studying biology, I read that evolutionary theory holds that aging and death in humans was an evolved trait. That means that there is some evolutionary purpose to it - assuming evolutionary theory is right. Also, I read about the theory of entropy (the second law of thermodynamics), that everything without work falls apart and breaks down in the universe. How depressing it is if we look at this world alone for our hope! But the question I ask myself is as a doctor, how do I break the news to someone that they are dying? What is the "Christian" thing to do then? Where is there hope, purpose, and meaning in a world of entropy, aging, and death? How do I comfort those in need?

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