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Friday, February 25, 2005 - MLB - FleetCenter officials reject 'vulgar' Jeter Center

So the renaming of Boston's premier indoor sports arena (for a day) will proceed Surf Ninjas style. For those of you who don't get what I'm saying, Zatch (Ernie Reyes Sr.) led the two young heroes...and Rob Schneider to a secret cave once they arrived on Pa-tu-san. Upon inquiry as to the contents of the cave, Zatch responded that it was something that not even money can buy: the knives of quan-su.

This led Schneider's forgettably-named character to crack several jokes about going into a store and dropping five hundred dollars.
"Here's five hundred dollars; can I buy a knife?"
"No, money can't buy knives."

This little exchange from a film that not even I would designate a cult classic has become a running joke in the Work household, and as such, I reference it with respect to the FleetCenter naming rights charity auction. In this case, the winning auction bid was unable to purchase a name deemed to be obscene and vulgar. That name? The Derek Jeter Center.


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