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Saturday, January 15, 2005


This Thursday, the Florida Agricultural Group awarded their Man of the Year Award to John Bradshaw Layfield.

(To be more precise, they bestowed the honor on Tuesday, with the ceremony nationally televised on Thursday; video of the ceremony is available online). The quote-unquote burning question is this: How do I feel about this apparent oversight?

Not too bad, surprisingly enough. First, I have virtually no ties to Florida, apart from some years as a quasi-Gator fan and several week-long vacation trips in my youth. Second, agriculture really isn't a major interest of mine, and i can't really match Mr. Layfield's contributions in the field. Third, I was unaware of this group's existence until this past week. Fourth, the award seems tailor-made for Mr. Layfield, who won a Great American Award earlier this year, and I'd hate to deprive him of his spotlight.


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