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Monday, January 31, 2005

Royal Rumble Rundown:
The WWE held their Royal Rumble pay-per-view extravaganza (tm) last night, and DAVE Batista, after drawing #28 and tossing six men on the way to the victory, is on his way to the Staples Center, where he'll be main-eventing Wrestlemania.

The mystery element at this point, which may be resolved at tonight's Raw or stretched out over a few weeks, is who Batista is going to face for the world title. With a split roster and two world champions, the precedent was set last year when Chris Benoit won the Rumble and opted to jump from Smackdown to Raw and challenge Triple H. Will Batista do likewise and challenge JBL (provided he survives his Barbed Wire Cage Match on the way), or will he go after mentor-figure Triple H (who fended off a challenge from their former stable-mate Randy Orton last night)?

At this point, I'm vibing with Batista/HHH as the Raw world title bout, and JBL/John Cena as the Smackdown title match, with Cena being the last Smackdown superstar standing in the Rumble, proving his mettle. So we're on the Road to Wrestlemania, and how we're going to get there should be quite fun.

(As for how I'm going to get there, not quite sure: tickets are sold out, and scalping prices are pretty out-rage-ous at the moment. I do plan on making Raw the day after...any takers for a joint venture?)


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