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Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Began reading/studying scripture again, after not really reading much over the past few months, mostly from lethargy, combined with fear.

I just began reading the Epistles, specifically Paul's letters, and was struck by how practical his theology is; when controversial issues arise, it's not just for the sake of intellectual rigor, but in regards to specific problems and questions within the church (ex - spiritual gifts at Corinth, the second coming at Thessalonica). Knowledge and wisdom are not necessarily the same, and wisdom may involve not engaging in what I might consider 'stimulating conversation,' if the conversational goal is to knock God off God's throne, and set another up as king.

Downloaded an excellent sermon from Mars Hill Church Seattle on Bible Study methods/motivations. Very sound, and highly recommended.

One can read the Bible 20+ times and be able to quote chapter/verse/incident to prove a point in conversation/win an argument, and still completely miss everything. Transformation, not information. God's glory, not my own. Let the Word speak to you, cut your chest off, and offer healing. That is the call; Michael, repent.


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