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Sunday, August 03, 2003

It's been ten days since beginning this, and in the interim period, a myriad of bloggables have come through.
Such as these:

Tire goes flat on Monday, same day that RVM comes undone, and what I remember is sitting in the Parkview parking lot by the football stadium and being struck by a memory of a sideline experience from several years ago, after returning home for a weekend and being given a sideline pass by my former coach. A friend made a brief comment about people being on the sidelines that hadn't played, in reference to other former students who, to my knowledge, had not played, but had been given passes. Something just seemed wrong about the comment, as I couldn't say that I'd earned the pass, as coach had given it to me upon request, when he had the right to refuse to do so.

And it wasn't until last week when it clicked, when I was stewing over the mirror and tire (which lost a nut in the wrench when I began replacing it) and waiting on my mother to come with tools. Why should I complain about someone else's generosity? If the staff wants to give away ten passes or one hundred, why should that bother me? It's their call, and if they want to give someone else the same thing as me, should I necessarily be opposed to this?

The connector here is Matthew 20.1-16, when Jesus teaches about the kingdom of heaven using a parable about workers in a vineyard, and while I would never say my experience was what that was pointing to, the 'that's what he meant', these events seem to be a concrete application in my life. And while I can apply that to that situation, the pressing question is 'how do I react to God's generosity towards others?' How do I react to grace shown to others?


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