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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Lazy Wednesdays

Written from the mid-point break in my night class...

I noticed the phenomenon of Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday blending into one day this past fall. Two months into the new year, Wednesdays tend to feel like wasted days.

Not sure what's going on. I'm learning in class...when not spaced out or otherwise distracted. Same concerns as earlier (large classes impede relationship and learning).

Work's decent; today i edited two papers and talked through a spanish newscast, and i know that there's value in the work, as well as in the interactions. i enjoyed the time with students, although i find that editing is something i have to do on my own, with an explanation afterwards (rather than talking through the paper line-by-line...which takes much longer).

It's not that i'm rushing all over the place; had two free hours this afternoon and early evening, and i've taken the time to slow myself down, instead of forcing a full schedule. Silence, prayer, reading (Psalm 73 has me...), riding the bike, all stuff i enjoy, regenerative activity, and i'll be able to veg when i get home, so it's not from a lack of rest or vitality.

Just worn-out right now, and it feels like i'm wearing myself out for nothing.
That said, i'll get up again tomorrow morning, and keep at it...this too shall pass.


  • At 12:10 AM, Blogger Rafferty said…

    Mr. Work, I know I have not kept in good touch with you, but I want you to know that I miss you dearly. Come visit me in Vegas!


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