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Tuesday, June 15, 2004

Exams over, papers turned in (although one is going to undergo heavy revision work over the next week, largely for personal use), brain re-solidifying...summer's on.

So what's the plan? This week: work, as I came into some extra shifts courtesy of MK, and my nights are thusly occupied. Next week? German begins, and I'm thinking about auditing Hebrew Prophets, largely because I love the books, and one of my weak spots is in the Majors/Deuteronomistic history. Since I plan to fulfill the OTB/C with an Old Testament Theology course, this could be quite feasible. So that would be the mornings, afternoons would be working hours, and nights would be split in the 2/2/2 pattern (Work/Class/Open Dates). We shall see if this comes into being, as I also have reading for Dead Sea Scrolls to be done by July 6th, a date and class which I look forward to. Then the audit bug comes in again, as the SOP offering of Narrative and Family Life is too tempting to pass up, but because it meets no requirements, I'd be best served auditing it and using my third class of the summer on a Min3 (Evangelism) or a Min8 (Missions). We shall see, but the dilemma for the afternoon was whether to read for class or for pleasure, in which case Harry Potter 5 fits the bill well. Also on tap: S10 application, due Tuesday of next, and finaid paperwork, with related passport photos also in demand. So my week off isn't quite total downtime, but it is a stress-breaker.


  • At 7:10 PM, Blogger daniel said…

    Mike Work!
    Yo I remembered you were in Pasadena the other day and decided to track you down through dcf...
    Anyway this is daniel mccord, and I'm in L.A. for the summer. Actually in Hermosa Beach. But I'm interning in Hollywood. It's been fun thus far. I actually post my fun events on a livejournal ( I guess the most interesting thing thus far is meeting Jeff Goldblum at his house yesterday. It was a blast. Anyway send me a messsage if you get a chance. I'm actually living with Brian Fellers out here. You may remember him.
    Catch you later
    Daniel McCord


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